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Written by Tom Ruhland


February 2, 2024

The Galleries, Video and Spreadsheets for Open 2, Nature 2, Creative 1, and the Video Link for PJ1 have been updated for the Membership. Please check them out if you missed the live showings. Theme 1 winners are tallied and may be viewed by selecting the Top 10 tab.

We have been invited to attend a zoom presentation on March 7 hosted by the Springfield Camera Club featuring Keith Shuley.

Keith’s program is titled “New Worlds through Old Eyes,” and will cover photographs taken from 2020 through2023 while on three trips to Iceland, one trip to the Italian Dolomites, one trip to the countryside around Mt. Fuji ,Japan, and a trip to Namibia, Africa. Keith has divided the photographs into four sections: i) traditional landscapes, ii) minimalist, iii) experimental, and iv)spiritual (Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines photographs). Throughout his presentation, Keith plans to provide some background on the shots, the set up, and compromises or problems he encountered.

Zoom Link will be sent to membership prior to March 7. A big thank you to Springfield for sharing this with us. Another reason to participate in CICCA.

Join us in person for the Feb, 6 meeting at 7pm.

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