Light @ Night – Some Approaches to Night Photography

Written by Vicki Padesky

Dancer, grandmother, dabbling in art, pcc member since 1988.

December 29, 2023

January 2, 2024 Tuesday 7pm CT

Light @ Night – Some Approaches to Night Photography

January 2, 2024 Tuesday 7pm CT

Jim Hill will be giving a one-hour presentation on night photography. The presentation will include a discussion of night photography techniques that are applicable to any subject matter. Mr. Hill will supplement his discussion by using examples from his work to illustrate the concepts. Jim’s development as a night photographer will also be discussed.
The Objective of the presentation is to provide a basic understanding of how to photograph effectively at night. In addition, the presentation will provide suggestions on how to generally improve your photographic technique and advance your development.


Zoom meeting. Visitors are welcome, just email for instructions

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