Peoria Camera Club

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NOV 5th Meeting

Part 2 of our Exposure Triangle will cover Aperture Settings. We had a great turnout and participation for Shutter Settings. Again we will discuss and then have an assignment for the Nov 26th meeting. Why I Like My Photo     Dec 3rd – This is your...

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Tuesday Oct 22 Meeting

On Tuesday, we will continue with our Shutter Priority Assignment.  Please bring in your images showing how you used shutter priority to capture your images.  If you missed the meeting pertaining to this, please feel free to join in, just search through your catalog...

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Tuesday Meeting

Tuesday will be a competition showing night with the results of Open 1 and Nature 1 being shown. The turn in for City Landscape is due also. We will also discuss CICCA salon entries and how to resize photos in On1 and Lightroom. There is a board meeting scheduled for...

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