Shots in the Dark

Written by Vicki Padesky

Dancer, grandmother, dabbling in art, pcc member since 1988.

September 27, 2022

Tuesday, Oct 4th at 7PM

Presented by Pamela Cather

Pamela will lead us in a review of the best ways to add light to our sensor. We will talk about
focusing problems caused by the lack of light. We’ll take a closer look at the dreaded noise
problem by discussing the real cause of noise and how our histogram can help.

Speaker Bio: Pamela Cather is a Master Photographer who has been providing portraiture for over
10 years. She is also an accomplished wildlife photographer. Her wildlife images have won awards
through Professional Photographers of American. Many prints have been displayed in several local and
out of state galleries. Several have been purchased by businesses and individuals for their offices and
homes. She and her husband currently live at beautiful Lake Bloomington, where most of her images
have been captured.

Visitors are welcome. Contact

First United Methodist Church in downtown Peoria, 116 NE Perry. Doors open at 6:30pm.

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