Storytelling for Photographers by JP Stones

storytelling for photographers

Written by Vicki Padesky

Dancer, grandmother, dabbling in art, pcc member since 1988.

December 28, 2022

storytelling for photographers
Image by JP Stones

Jan 3, 2023 at 7pm – Zoom call

Great storytelling can help your audience connect emotionally with your images. Understanding how to weave a narrative into your photography can be confusing. How can one photo tell a whole story, with a beginning, middle, and end?

JP Stones has spent the last 5 years photographing the same group of Mexica, also known as Aztec, dancers. In that time, he learned how connected the Mexica are to their mythology. To stories passed down across generations. That’s when he decided that, as these stories were so vital to Mexica culture, they needed to play a bigger role in his portraits. See his website at


• How much of a story can one photo really tell?

• How being more intentional can change your approach to photography.

• How photography can be about making an emotional connection as well as creating beautiful work.

• How thinking in stories can help guide your entire creative decision-making process.

Visitors, this meeting will be on a Zoom video call from your internet connected device. To request the link to join the call, email:

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