Tuesday Nov 2 meeting

Written by Tom Ruhland


November 1, 2021

In Person meeting at First United Methodist on Perry. Masks are required. 7PM.

Turn In for Nature 2 and Creative 1 till Nov 16th.

When people mention ‘Africa’, we all envision images of the landscapes, animals, and people relevant to that continent. So, what happens when two photographers visit the same general region of Africa at about the same time?  You get a case of Double Vision.  Peoria Camera Club members Marilyn and Paul Bierma and Joe Virbickis visited the southern and southeastern regions of Africa in late 2019 and early 2020.  In this collaborative presentation, each photographer will share collections of images from their safaris in widely different locales.  Marilyn and Joe bring unique styles for capturing the images included in their portfolios of Africa.  Their presentation will not only give you an opportunity to view some special images, but you will also get to hear the stories surrounding those images.  As you might expect, there will be captures of landscapes, animals, and people that overlap.  The surprises awaiting you are those images and stories about Africa that are unique to each photographer’s experience and therefore, unexpected.

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