Upcoming Meetings

Written by Tom Ruhland


March 14, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 virus, the Meetings at First United Methodist have been suspended till further notice. The board has confirmed this and is in agreement. We hope to be back on schedule by the April 21 meeting , but this remains to be seen. We will continue to have our online competition as well as any upcoming competitions with the exception of print turn ins. We would like to try some other items that could be done over the internet. I have a few ideas and it would keep us active during this time. If you have any specific ideas, please email me and we will try to make this a plus for the club. The upcoming Open 3 and Creative 2 will be published to the website and I will let you know when this occurs. CICCA entries will still be accepted but I do not know the status of the Spring Salon at this time. Good health to everyone and please try to participate.

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