Past Seminars

2017 – Bryan F. Peterson

“Art of Seeing”

Seminar2Bryan has been a successful commercial photographer for over 35 years.  His clients include American Express, Kodak, UPS, Philips and Citibank.
In addition, he has received awards from the Communication Arts Photography Annual seven times, Print magazine four times, and has also won the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award. He has also been a contributing editor at Popular Seminar1Photography and Outdoor Photographer magaziunderstanding-exposures-covernes.

He is the author of 10 photography books including “Understanding Exposure”.

To learn more about the speaker, go to his website:

2016 – Rick Sammon


On March 12, Rick Sammon gave what is widely believed to be one of this year’s most stunning photography seminar performances at the ICC PAC in East Peoria. Rick spent the day regaling us with his excellent images, and giving us one or more valuable lessons about each one. His informal style allowed question from the audience and his answers were most enlightening. We all had a lot of fun and we learned a lot. Check out Rick’s workshops and seminars on

rick sammon

2015 – Bill Fortney

JF3 0811Bill Fortney is a retired Nikon Professional Services Tech Rep and author of many photography books including the critically acclaimed “America from 500 Feet” where he combed the landscapes of America in a Ultralight plane. He presented The Art & Craft of Photography on March 14, at the ICC Performing Arts Seminar. Total attendance was 168 which included 46 Peoria Camera Club members. The seminar attracted photographers from across Illinois with 9 photographers attending from surrounding states. Check out Bill’s workshops on

2014 – Tony Sweet

After successful careers as a Jazz Musician, educator and professional magician, Tony finally settled on photography as his means for personal expression. Beginning as a film photographer, her was perhaps the last of his peers to “go digital”. He has quickly become a creative expert in imaging software, specializing in the creative use of plugins. Tony is a world renowned photographer, instructor, lecturer and author.

2013 – Rod Planck

2012 – Ben Willmore

2011 – David duChemin

David duChemin is a World and Humanitarian photographer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia who does extensive client work in serving the international NGO community. He specializes in creating compelling images that are both aesthetically and emotionally moving. As his biography in VisionMongers attests, he “has taken a winding, unlikely road as he’s followed his calling. From aspiring photographer to theologian to professional comedian and eventually back to his first passion, David is now a full-time world and humanitarian photographer, teacher, and author. A passionate contributor to the international photography community, his first book, the bestselling Within The Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, received worldwide acclaim for its vision, passion and depth.”

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