2017 Club Picnic

The Peoria Camera Club is hosting their picnic opening the 2017-18 season!

Join us for an evening of socializing with other photographers.

Glen Oak Park Pavilion near the Glen Oak Zoo entrance.

This event is open to current and prospective members!

Bring your own main entree, drink and table setting and a side dish to share.

May 20-Members Outing! (CANCELLED) Lincoln’s New Salem State Park


May 20, 2017– Outing! Lincoln’s New Salem State Park

On May 20, 2017, we are planning an outing to New Salem Park. The park is located North West of Springfield by Petersburg. It opens at 9:00 AM. If you have never been to New Salem it is an early 1840’S town loaded with cabins, shops, craftsmen, farms, and people in period dress. They are very willing to pose for you. There is no admission fee but the suggested donation is $4.00. They also have a concession available for lunch.

We will meet at the parking lot on Perry across from the First United Methodist Church at 7:45 AM and leave at 8:00 AM. We will car pool and caravan from there. It takes approximately an hour and a half to get there. For those who want breakfast first we will meet at the Metro Center 50’s Diner at 6:30 AM.

If you have any questions call Carl Close at 274-5103, 339-6112 Cell, or email carlwclose@mchsi.com

Results for Nature 4 Competition

Congratulations to Tom Ruhland, Crystal Johnson and Rich Seeman for the winning images. (First three across in gallery below)

To see all competition winners, go to Competition Results

Beauties in the Blue Bells at Parklands

KodaRoamers is welcoming other to join them for an outing this Friday – Here are the details:

Beauties in the Blue Bells at Parklands – 3:00 PM Friday, April 21

Let’s meet at Green Gables at Lake Bloomington, 2:45. Park across the street at the entrance to the park and car pool.

Vandana is bringing two lovely ladies in Saris to pose for us in the Bell Bells. Of course you can shoot macro, landscapes, and whatever also. But what a treat!.

We’d like to finish by 6. These ladies have to make arrangements for their kids.

The ladies would like you to send them your best images in digital format. They do not want any other compensation. And Vandana will help you get the model release if needed for a competition.

President’s Special

This year, I decided to approach presidents special a little different – since our annual meeting fell the day after the NCAA Men’s Final and on Election Day, I decided to host a bracket where members got to pick the topic.

Our President’s Special Final Four was:

After Round 1 – Macro/Close-Up & Long Exposure came out victorious.

In the end – the winner and this year’s president special is:  Macro/Close-Up


Why did I add the Arthropod/Plant restriction?

I wanted the club members to step out outside the box and get creative.  If you google “Macro Photography” you will notice almost all of the images are of insects/spiders and flowers.

I also noticed this trend on Flickr – the trend continued on the largest Macro group.  https://www.flickr.com/groups/49503086607@N01/

I then found a Flickr group which had restriction and I really like the diversity of images compared to the traditional macro groups – so I decided to add the same restrictions to president’s special. https://www.flickr.com/groups/macro_noflower_noinsect/

Macro/Close-Up Resources

Here are just a few website I found that provide useful information:

Happy Shooting and good luck!

Results for Open 2 and 3 Competitions

Congratulations to the winners of the Open 2 and 3 Competition (First three across in galleries below)

To see all competition results, go to http://peoriacameraclub.com/competitions/club-results/2016-17-results/

Open 2

Open 3


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